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U19 Drone Soccer “COMPETE” Tournament Bundle

Host competitive events in a professional-grade arena suitable for media and streaming. This is an ideal solution for universities and public venues. Includes:

(12x) Individual Learn Kits (Two Teams)
(8x) Competition Quad Battery Chargers
(3x) Annual Educational License
(1x) Instructor Kit
(1x) Heavy-Duty Pro Tournament Arena (regulation size)
(1x) Metal Goal Set
Freight Shipping Cost ($1000)

(Pro Turf Flooring is not included)

Order arrives in Three (3) separate shipments:
Equipment ships directly from Drone Sports, Inc in Buffalo, New York. Batteries (38x) ship from Tattu (Gens Ace) in Long Beach, California. Arena ships by freight from Tentcraft in Traverse City, Michigan.

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