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U19 Drone Soccer Classroom Instructor Kit

Instructor Kits represent required equipment, tools, accessories and spares required to run a classroom, club or team.

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Instructor Kits represent required equipment, tools, and accessories required for a leader to teach a classroom, club or team in Drone Soccer. One Instructor Kit is recommended for every 6-12 students participating in the program. Component manufacturers may vary from improvements in market technology and supply chain. Our component variations will always be of similar or improved capability.


1 Saker DS200 “Bantam” Build Kit

1 Saker DS200 Almost Ready to Fly Kit

Commando8 Radio Controller

2 Receivers

Transmitter Carrying Case with Charger

Drone Soccer Toolkit with soldering set

4 pairs of Safety Glasses

2 Spare Parts Kits (Replacement Cage and Propeller Components)

6 Extra sets of Propellers

Battery Safety Bag

3x Tattu 650mAh 14.8V 95C 4S Lipo Battery Pack With XT30 Plug

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